Partially Decompressed

Evan's Third Birthday - 1The Norman family took the weekend off, and threw Evan a party for his 3rd birthday. Had a bunch of family over to our house for a birthday party - Evan had fun playing with his cousins, and got his Thomas the Tank Engine obsession taken care of for awhile.

Then, we headed north to Edmonton, to hang out at West Edmonton Mall - staying in the Fantasyland hotel right in the mall. Sounds lame, but it's the largest indoor shopping mall on the planet (for now), and staying in the mall hotel meant we could hit the amusement park and water park without commuting. Evan had a blast - the wavepool was a bigger hit than the waterslides. There were manmade waves that must have been 2-3' high, with surf and everything. He didn't want to get out of the water.

Tower to Evan...

More photos in the Flickr Album for Evan's Third Birthday.

Of course, I'm only partially decompressed. Although taking an entire weekend actually off was awesome, and long overdue, it did nothing for my deadlines or deliverables. Which I get to catch up on now :-)

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