WP-ShortStat Gummed up my blog

I'd noticed in the last few days that requests to my blog (for pages and feeds) seemed to last forever. I mean, the page would load, but the activity monitor would show the page as still loading. If I viewed details in Safari, I'd see that the images and stylesheets had all loaded, but the HTML source was still appearing to be downloading. If I stopped the page loading, all appeared fine, and the complete source was there (including the footer at the bottom of the page when viewed by source).

Figured it was a plugin causing some issues. Assumed it was WP-Cache. Assumed wrong. Went back to my System 7 startup debugging days, enabling and disabling blocks of plugins to narrow it down. Turns out it was WP-Shortstat. No idea why (or when) it went south. Looks like Cole is affected as well (not sure if he's using WP-Shortstat, but if he is, that would nail it).


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