LOVING BlogBridge!

It's not perfect, and performance isn't quite at the level of a "native" app (but the java penalty is totally acceptable), but man, is BlogBridge one nice aggregator! It's got the great all-in-one-page combined view, and some great filtering/grouping tools. I'm loving the Starz feature, and tagging feeds. And, it's got a special view for "image" feeds - like my Flickr subscriptions - that looks like a photo album rather than a linear list. Rock on.

There are a few quirks that I'm documenting, and I'm working up a wishlist as I use the app. It's so far the closest thing to my mythical "perfect aggregator" that I've seen. Highly recommend it - even moreso when the next version is released (I'm using the weekly build, not the "stable" one. I'm sure there are lots of cool features that I haven't discovered yet, too...

It is using an ungodly amount of RAM, though...

BlogBridge Memory Usage

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