NMC 2005 Conference Overview Video

This summer, at the NMC 2005 Summer Conference, they shot a bunch of video with interviews of some of the attendees, and some highlights of the conference. The video was distributed via DVD to the campus NMC rep - which is/was me. Instead of duplicating the DVD, or managing some form of sign in/out process, here's the video. It was a quick-and-dirty rip of the DVD using Handbrake, so no bonus points for the art of video compression... The video is only 9 minutes long, so it's not a big time investment.

NMC 2005 DVD

It looks like the "official" version of this video on the NMC website is MIA, so if you want to see it, this may be your only chance. I make a quick cameo early on - look for the guy in the blue Hawaiian shirt and beige shorts walking past the camera with snack in hand at the Apple reception...

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