Battlestar Galactica on iTunes/iPod Video?

Well, the One More Thing event turned out to be pretty spiffy. Cool new iMac. Some funky new software (but is it iMac-only?) The new video iPod looks sweet - and the high end one still costs less than my 3G 20GB unit did...

The TV-on-iTunes/iPod thing looks like it will be awesome. But... Where is Battlestar Galactica? I'd subscribe to the whole season of that. I will likely buy the rest of this season of Lost, as well - or at least the ones I miss "live". But, BSG? Every. Single. Episode.

Oh, and daddy needs a new iPod! Larger screen. Colour. Videos. Battery lasts 20 hours. Mine looks like a total turd next to the the cool new demo. I mean... It's a classic 3G 20GB... Anyone want to give me, say $300 for it? :-)

Also, can't wait for the remote to be added to the Mini. That would be an almost perfect set-top box! Slap that Mini on top of the TV, and have a pretty high-end entertainment centre handy. It would be even cooler if you could add other apps - so you could customize it to let you check email, etc...

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