Mambo installer bug

Just installing Mambo for a demo of various CMS options to the team tomorrow. The Mambo installer borked while creating a table, choking on a missing default value for "rating_sum".

Easy fix. Line 221 of mambo/installation/sql/mambo.sql is dealing with setting up the content_rating table. Modify the sql thusly:

  `rating_sum` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',

Aside from that silly sql bug, the Mambo installer is pretty slick. I'll likely blog my early thoughts of it as a CMS, after I've played with it for awhile...

Update: Well, looks like my Mambo installation is pretty much borked. I can't edit content - keep getting MySQL errors on missing tables or fields. I'll try nuking and reinstalling, but this was a fresh install from the latest build, so I'm not sure what could be wrong...

Update: Nope. It's still borked. Install claims to have run successfully, but any attempt to edit content results in this:

DB function failed with error number 1054
Unknown column 'c.access' in 'on clause' SQL=SELECT c.*, AS groupname,, AS editor, f.content_id AS frontpage, s.title AS section_name, AS author
 FROM mos_content AS c, mos_categories AS cc, mos_sections AS s
 LEFT JOIN mos_groups AS g ON = c.access
 LEFT JOIN mos_users AS u ON = c.checked_out
 LEFT JOIN mos_users AS v ON = c.created_by
 LEFT JOIN mos_content_frontpage AS f ON f.content_id =
WHERE c.state >= 0 AND AND AND s.scope='content' AND c.sectionid='1'
 ORDER BY cc.ordering, cc.title, c.ordering
 LIMIT 0,10

Update: Mambo was borked, but the Joomla fork of the project installed perfectly...

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