Ultimate Tag Warrior hack: counting tags and backing up

I wanted to update my Archives page to display the total tag count, but didn't see a built-in method in Ultimate Tag Warrior to do that. So, here's the recipe I followed - mimicking how the other methods are set up, in case the changes get rolled into the main distro...

In ultimate-tag-warrior.php:

	function UTW_ShowUniqueTagCount() {
		global $utw;
		echo $utw->GetUniqueTagCount();

In ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php:

	function GetUniqueTagCount() {
		global $wpdb, $tabletags;

		$sql = "select count(*) from $tabletags";
		return $wpdb->get_var($sql);

And, in K2's page-archives.php (or anywhere you want the count to show up):


I've also hacked my copy of wp-db-backup.php to automatically back up the UTW tables, thusly, starting at line 407:

$wp_backup_default_tables = array ($table_prefix . categories,
	$table_prefix . comments,
	$table_prefix . linkcategories,
	$table_prefix . links,
	$table_prefix . options,
	$table_prefix . post2cat,
	$table_prefix . postmeta,
	$table_prefix . posts,
	$table_prefix . users,
	$table_prefix . tags,
	$table_prefix . post2tag,
	$table_prefix . tag_synonyms);

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