Iggy vs. Brodeur

Iggy vs. Brodeur: photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Uncle Greggy.

I actually got to watch the game last night. Calgary vs. New Jersey. Hell of a game, and it helped that the Flames kicked some royal ass, too.

In the first period, I had a sinking feeling that Calgary wasn't quite there. And then it happened. Iggy got pissed off. And almost dropped the gloves. Flashback to the last Stanley Cup run, where the Flames were often dormant until Iginla got pissed off and beat the crap out of someone, then went on to score a bunch of goals. He was |<-- this close -->| to scoring a hat trick last night, after being held goalless for the previous 9 games.

It helped that New Jersey basically shut down after Iggy got in their faces. Their defense just stopped trying. They did outshoot the Flames by over 2:1, but Sauve was rocking our net. Great to see we have two solid goalies this year - Kipper can relax a bit.

Now, if only the TSN announcers would just shut the hell up during the game. Leave the commentary to the time between plays and periods, and let us watch the game without your inane banter...

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