The Story of the Banner Images

In the last post, I mentioned how the banner images I have on this site are photos I've taken at various stages and places of my life. Yes, I took each and every one of them myself.

Then, I realized that all documentation about these photos remains in my head. Which isn't exactly a permanent or reliable memory store. So, I went and created a first draft of a page describing the images. I'll update it as I remember more - I'll have to pull exact dates from iPhoto's library...

So, while they are technically covered by the letter of the CC license I've selected for this blog (and are therefore freely reusable by anyone who follows the terms of the license), they really are personal images that represent bits of my past. If you want to do something similar on your own blog, please grab a camera, and start documenting stuff that's relevant or important to you. You'll get much more mileage enjoyment out of creating your own images, and it really doesn't take much. I mean, I'm a total amateur photographer with low-end equipment, and came up with some halfway-decent images here. Sure, some are likely only interesting to myself, but it's my blog... :-)

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