Getting Things Done with OmniOutliner

I just did a quick Google for OmniOutliner todo-list templates, to see what ideas others have come up with to help manage the flow of tasks and demands, and found Kinkless Getting Things Done - a set of templates and scripts for OmniOutliner to help categorize and prioritize stuff that needs doing.

Very impressive stuff - it helps you define context (where/when something needs to be done) and then sets up a set of views on your projects and actions to help you get through them efficiently (or, in my case, without getting distracted by shiny tangents. OOH! A tangent! I should follow that! Wait...)

I don't really want to provide a screenshot at the moment, because I'm more than a little embarrassed by just how far behind I've let myself get. Once I've caught up, maybe I'll post an update ;-) In the meantime, check out the screenshots and (free) downloads on the kGTD website.

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