Canon Digital Rebel XT Lust

We were wandering around a mall this afternoon, and while Janice was looking in some foo-foo shop, Evan and I ducked into Black's Photography. The camera dude sees us enter the store, and asks if I have any questions. I ask about the XT, what bundles they have, specials, etc...

Then, he pulls out the little key, and pulls an XT down from the display. "Here, try it out..." he says, knowingly.

It feels sooooo..... niiiiiice....

"Go ahead. Take some shots."

click click

It's fast. The controls are great. Zooming by spinning the ring. Instant response. It just feels so... right.

"Flip it into Sport mode and see how you like burst firing mode."


About 4 seconds and 20 shots later. Holy freaking Jebus. My Fujifilm takes 2-4 seconds per shot. And this is cranking out shots at around 4+ fps.

I'm subconsciously reaching for my wallet. There's room on my plastic for this...

And then Janice pops into the store. I feel the whooshing sensation of rationality returning. I slowly put the camera back on the counter and turn to walk out of the store. The camera dude smiles. This scene gets played out fairly often, I'm guessing.

Now, to save my pennies. Lunch money for a year? The XT will be mine. For now, I'll have to learn to make my little Fujifilm point-and-shoot dance a little better. It's a pretty decent camera, especially now that I know it (and its limitations) pretty well. But it ain't no XT ;-)

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