EduGlu is a misnomer

Scott Leslie mentioned that he thought EduGlu was a bit of a misleading name for this conceptual educational RSS mix workflow application, and he's totally right.

The *Glu projects are primarily about aggregation. Merging a bunch of different feeds into a single stream. At first blush, that's what EduGlu is sort of about, too, but it is also about doing much more with the aggregated data. It may have a "default" view on the data that mimics the *Glu merged River of News, but it will also need to be able to generate alternate views of the data based on identity, context, and relationships with other content and concepts. Sounds muddy, because it is.

I think it will be important if/as this thing moves forward, for us to keep in mind that it's not just an aggregator. That part of the puzzle has been done before, and done very well. No need to reproduce anything. The real hallmark of this EduGlu (EduMix? EduBurn? EduBlender? EduMatic?) thingamabob is that it is more about emphasizing connections and helping to move relevant bits to relevant places. In the end, the name doesn't really matter. I'm just happy that it isn't a contrived acronym .


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