Drupal and Structured Blogging

I was bugging Boris with some emails today to ask about Drupal's support for structured blogging. I was asking if Drupal would be getting something like the WordPress Structured Blogging plugin, which provides templates for authoring various microformats.

It wasn't until after he responded that I realized how silly my question was. Drupal doesn't need the plugin, because support for custom formats and authoring templates is baked into the DNA of Drupal. Even for non-coders, anyone can make up new formats (and templates) on the fly using the flexinode module. And several other formats are already available as prepackaged modules (events, reviews, etc...)

So, just a reminder to myself to think about the nature of the solution, and not go looking for something done "the WordPress way" (or matching any other particular implementation - various applications have different concepts behind the scenes, and may approach the same problem from different angles)

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