Sustained Wiki Spam Attack has been under a sustained spam attack all day. What started out as a minor irritation has grown into something that is impossible to ignore. The spammer is somehow getting around both Bad Behavior and Spam Blacklist extensions (I've blacklisted their URLs, but they keep getting edits into the system). This is one of the more frustrating aspects of trying to do things in an open manner. If there is the slightest possibility that something will be subverted for spamilicious purposes, it will be. And most likely it will happen before more than a handful of legitimate users are able to take advantage of a service.

These cretins are being rather clever (or, they've gotten some good Script Kiddie l337 tools) because they're coming from many different (and changing) IP addresses, and each edit is accompanied by its very own account creation. So I can't just block IPs, or roll back all edits by a user. So, I've had to disable account creation for now until I can figure out wtf to do about this.

To the spammer(s): may you rot in the most insidious inner circle of hell, reserved for parasites like yourself who find it necessary to suck energy and resources from (otherwise) free and open educational resources.

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