Webcast on ePortfolios via Apple Digital Campus Exchange

Helen Chen posted a notice about an upcoming webcast by Jude Higdon for ADCE about the nature of ePortfolios in an environment where people are already using blogs and social software. The session will be a quasi-interactive Elluminate production.

Who needs an ePortfolio? All my coursework is on my blog…

EPortfolios have been defined in various ways by vendors, professional organizations, and institutions of higher education.
With emerging technologies such as social software that include the ability to freetag and syndicate across multiple resources and environments, the need for standalone ePortfolio "software" is perhaps called into question. This discussion will raise issues regarding the NetGen student, and how she is already using technology that has natural affordances that allow her to collect, aggregate, and syndicate content into portfolio views that can be useful to herself, other students, faculty, departments, colleges and universities, accreditation agencies, funding bodies, and potential employers.

I'll hopefully tune in live, because this is exactly the stuff I've been thinking about for our ePortfolio project...

Almost forgot - it's on Friday, March 17th at 11am MST.

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