Levine's Law

I think everyone that will be "presenting" to a group should have to be familiar with Levine's Law before they take the podium.

Start with the demo

- Alan Levine, 2006

I tuned into what promised to be an excellent session on flexible, organic, dynamic ePortfolios using social software, only to find myself holding back from screaming "Levine's law! For the love of God, Levine's Law!!!" as bullet point after bullet point was dutifully addressed.

The session wasn't bad, and the back channel discussion in the Elluminate chat room provided some interesting opinions, but a demo (or two) would have brought everyone onto the same page in under a minute, leaving time to discuss implementations, issues, and practical details rather than hashing over bullet points. I would have been much happier to see screenshots (or live demos) of these social-software-driven ePortfolios.

I may be co-presenting a session at Interface 2006, on our ePortfolio project being used by our Faculty of Education, but if the session is accepted, I plan on using exactly 0 bullet points. Probably no PowerPoint either. If I do wind up using a PPT, it will be in the modified-Lessigian style, with no bullets and lots and lots of images to support what I'm saying (rather than just providing a script for me to follow).

Start with the demo. Stay with the demo. Think on your feet. To borrow a quote from D.M. Shaftoe in The Cryptonomicon: "Show some damned adaptability."

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