Archival vs. Developmental

Because ePortfolios are used to document and record an individual's practice, they have an archival nature. They form a "permanent record" of a person's activities and progress.

ePortfolios can also have a developmental nature, when the individual (and their peers) review an ePortfolio to create personal development plans, and to adapt future strategies as a result of the documented case studies presented within an ePortfolio.

Boxes in the Basement

79451249_9ecc140210.jpg Photograph by Penumbra


  • a personal content management system
  • capable of storing nearly any form of medium.


  • out of sight, out of mind
  • not exactly portable or sharable

Ongoing Notebook

134809086_67310e4c76.jpg Photograph by csb13


  • portable
  • sharable (with small groups)
  • easy to use


  • limited media types
  • runs out of pages

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