My Pachyderm ePortfolio

In the process of getting ready for our session on Thursday, I started to put together an ePortfolio for myself using Pachyderm. I've done several "sample" ePortfolios before, but not a full-blown attempt. Something about eating your own dogfood... So I gave it a shot. It's still pretty rough, and the "Projects" and "About this..." sections are still empty, but it's a start. I need to flesh out most of the pages as well, as I've currently just got command+c command+v content migration from blog posts and wiki pages.

I found the process difficult - not because of the software (Pachyderm actually worked really well for this, aside from one minor bug I found) but because I kept thinking "But, that's what my BLOG is for!" - many of the pages are just vectors for links to pages on my blog.

Pachyderm ePortfolio

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