Ready for our Social Software workshop for BCCampus

Brian managed to swing me an invite to co-host his Social Software session at the BCCampus Spring Workshop on Educational Technologies 2006, which will be held at North Island College in beautiful downtown Courtenay BC. (actually, I've never been to Courtenay/Comox, so am looking forward to seeing the area - I'm flying in on a Beech 1900D, so that leg of the trip should be interesting).

The session should be fun. Brian and I are going to demo a few concepts of social software (Web 2.0 *gack*) and then turn the reigns over to the participants. We'll be using as the "hub" to bring together activities like tagging, bookmarking, blogging, and commenting. I really like the approach, especially with a concrete piece of the web bringing it together. It should make the freaky concepts of decentralized social aggregate tag clouds a bit easier to grok.

I spent some time this week pimping the instance of Drupal - opening up the tag clouds, tweaking a few bits here and there, so it should work really nicely as a platform for a workshop - as well as supporting the BCCampus community afterwards.

The tag cloud will be on centre stage for the workshop, so the participants can see how their contributions affect it (hopefully in quasi-realtime).

As always, I'm so totally looking forward to working with Brian (and his planted ringers). This should be a great workshop. I'm also really curious to see what the participants come up with...

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