BlogBridge 3.0

BlogBridge, my most favoritest RSS aggregator app, was bumped to version 3.0 this week. Lots and lots of small improvements, but most of the big changes are under the hood. Performance rocks (it totally doesn't feel like a Java app - it feels like any other native application), and things like syncing feeds and preferences with the BlogBridge service (for accessing from other machines, or publishing guides as OPML, or just as backup) is nearly instantaneous.

It's also got support for notifications - using Growl on MacOSX and whatevertheheck Windows uses on that side of the fence. Handy. Now... If only they'd get that open-link-in-background-browser-window thing working, so my browser wouldn't pop to the front every time I open a link...

I totally recommend BlogBridge to anyone looking for a way to easily/effectively manage a LOT of RSS feeds. I'd simply drown under my subscriptions without things like star ratings and smart feeds. And the built-in OPML/reading-list feature is simply killer.

They've released regular installer versions for MacOSX and Windows, as well as versions for Linux and Java WebStart (if you use the WebStart version, it can auto-update for you).

If you've already used BlogBridge, be sure to sync all of your guides with the (free) BlogBridge service before upgrading, as they've optimized the local database file format, which may blow away your previous database. Syncing seems quite bulletproof, so it's a good habit to get into anyway...

I'm toying with the idea of doing a screencast to show just how quickly I can check all of my feeds. I can seriously check all 400+ feeds in about 10 minutes (or less).

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