Flickr Geotagging UCalgary

I spent some time playing with Flickr's cool new geotagging tool - which lets you add location metadata to any image you upload to Flickr. It works very nicely, letting you easily cluster locations, and quickly add multiple images.  Here's what I've done with a handful of images I've taken of the UCalgary campus:

Flickr Geotagging UCalgaryFlickr Geotagging UCalgary

They also provide an easy link feature, so I can add a link directly to this map view

I've played with the Greasemonkey/Google Maps hack for Flickr, which is really cool (especially considering it's user-added functionality), but this is much slickr. It's good to see Flickr getting past its self-imposed development embargo now that they've tackled some of the scalability issues.

Also, I realize that my photos are heavily skewed to the northeast corner of campus. I'll have to rectify that... 

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