Teaching & Learning Centre website now powered by Drupal

We just launched the new website for the Teaching & Learning Centre at The University of Calgary. It's been a long time in the making, with heavy use of themes, custom CCK content types, events, signups, views, and a bunch of other Drupal modules and tricks. King worked his usual magic in putting together the CSS for our theme, which uses the same HTML templates as the official www.ucalgary.ca site.

The new site should make it much easier for us to keep content up to date. We're also planning some potentially cool community features for down the road a bit, once the dust starts to settle after The Big Website Launch.

Also, it's currently running on our aging PowerMac Quicksilver dual 1GHz G4 server, so is a bit slower than it should be. We'll be moving it to a shiny new-ish XServe ASAP.

TLC Website in DrupalTLC Website in Drupal

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