Hanging out with Evan

Evan and I went for a nice winterish walk today. Picnic at a local playground, then down to the neighbourhood Starbuck's™ for something warm. He sure does like the hot chocolate with decadent whipped cream on top. I brought the camera along, Just In Case™ and let Evan take some shots while we were warming up.

He composed, focused and shot the photo of myself completely on his own (granted, in autofocus, but it was on center-single-point-autofocus, so he could have easily focused on the Petro Canada station in the background). Personally, I think it's one of the better photos of myself that I've seen. Not bad for a 4-year old. I should start saving up for a Hasselbad for The Boy™.

ps. tried posting this with the latest build of Flock, but it failed miserably. First, it provided the same old hideously unsorted list of ~350 categories, then it just plain failed to post. Doh. Back to PFF and/or Drupal's web interface... Flock's posting UI didn't let me center anything, adjust image properties, or anything else rather useful.

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