Upgraded to Drupal 5

I just finished the first pass at upgrading this blog to Drupal 5.0. Looks like almost everything is working right out of the gate. I hit a few minor glitches:

  1. spam.module has a strange bug, where it fails to display nodes with ID larger than 1519. Node 1520 and higher failed to display at all until I disabled spam.module and switched to Akismet.
  2. CCK - my bikelog is MIA. not the end of the world - actually, I'd hoped to just go ahead and retire it and do what normal/sane people do: get a cyclecomputer. But, enough people find their way to that page from the CCK/Calculated Fields page that I'll give 'er a shot when I get a chance.
  3. The K2-derived theme I'd been using borks under D5. Again, not the end of the world. I'll take a look at upgrading it later. For now, I'm kinda liking the new default Garland theme... Theme updated. Borrowed snippits from Garland to get the scripts etc... properly included.
  4. TinyMCE appears to be shy. It's installed and enabled, but refuses to show up. Again, not the end of the world, as I'd just as often write raw text/html or use Performancing for Firefox, which works just fine.
    Update: I grabbed FCKEditor, and it's doing a decent job. I miss having the user setting that let me turn off rich text editing by default, so it doesn't bork embeded code, but maybe FCKEditor doesn't do that.... Bork embedded code, I mean.
    I'm really not a fan of FCKEditor's lack of semantic markup (using br br instead of wrapping paragraphs in p elements, for example) but it works.
  5. The code I've been using to automatically generate the colophon (list of active modules, etc...) borks under Drupal 5.

There may be other gotchas. I did the upgrade on my desktop box, then moved it into place so I'm relatively sure nothing is pouring smoke...

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