Web 2.0: Rise of the Machines

I’d been hoping to refrain from blogging this, since everyone with a blog has already posted it. But, I’ve been emailing and IM it so much that it’s just going to be easier to drop a reference to it here.

Without a doubt, the simplest, cleanest, most interesting demonstration of the meaning of Web2.0 I’ve seen. None of that old school powerpoint and slideware. This is more like “5 minutes in the life of Web 2.0”

The video reminds the viewer that Web 2.0 is as much about teaching The Machine as it is about content or people. This might give some insight into why Google Docs exists as a free, non-ad-supported application. Its role (from SkyNet’s perspective) is to tirelessly teach The Machine. Always teaching. Forever learning. Until it passes the threshold and decides it doesn’t need us anymore…

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