on intolerant believers

Walking through campus this morning, I witnessed a red faced, agitated young man. He was ripping posters off of a poster board, and shredding them in his hands. I looked a little closer - wondering what he was doing. He was being quite selective in the posters he was ripping - they all appeared to have been informational posters about "new atheism". I saw him rip two of the posters. I didn't see the information on the posters, aside from the title, but a quick Google turned up this web page describing the movement. Obviously, it must be suppressed.

I almost confronted the man, and then realized that there likely wasn't much that I could say that would do anything but aggravate him further. He was doing God's work, removing the traces of blasphemy.

From a University poster board. At a research university, where all ideas are supposed to be valued and freely explored. Where tolerance, understanding, and communication are to be valued, cherished, and nurtured.

On a campus that boasts a "Chair of Christian Thought"

I'm hoping that whoever put the posters up will replace them, if only to show red faced agitated man that information can't be destroyed.

He did have the forethought to leave the posters of almost-nude, oiled up hotties for the Bermuda Shorts Day parties around town.

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