2007/365 photography project poster

I finally got around to hanging the poster I had made of my 2007/365photos project. It turned out to be a bigger task than I'd originally thought - not the hanging, but the finding a place to hang it, and then getting the poster there.

The poster is 3'x4'. That's a big poster. It didn't register just HOW big that was when I placed the order at Qoop.com - I just picked the biggest option. But that's a BIG poster. I don't have any place in my home that's big enough to hang this (without family conflict, anyway), so the only place left was in my office. And the only space large enough to hang this sucker is behind the door. Great. Now there's a place to hang it - I just had to get it onto campus. The poster had been sitting in the shipping tube for almost 2 months at home, waiting for a time when I'd be driving to campus, or taking the bus, or running an errand near campus so I could drive it there. That never happened, so I stuffed the tube into one of the paniers on my bike and brought it to work this morning. With over 2' of cardboard cylinder sticking out the top - almost as tall as I was on the bike :-) (didn't get any photos of that, thankfully...)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The 2007/365photos project poster now hangs in my office."]2007/365 posted[/caption]

Also, it appears I truly am physically incapable of hanging anything perfectly straight and level. Dangit. Maybe that's intentional? Yeah. Totally intentional. It's part of the charm of the poster... That's the ticket...

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