fracking spammers

I've found several comment-spam campaign management applications mentioned in my blog's referrer stats. Most appear to be from Turkey - is that the new hotbed of spam?

And, so far, all appear to be .aspx applications.

Is there a positive correlation between jackass cretin spammers, and MCSE-accredited web developers? Coincidence? Or is .aspx just the current fave platform of brainless L337 Skrypt Kiddies?

Just imagine if all of the energy spent trying to blast comment spam onto blogs, and spent trying to prevent said comment spam blasting from being successful, was instead directed toward something positive. Like curing cancer. Or feeding the hungry.

Damn you, Google, for setting up (and maintaining) an economic incentive for lowlife scumsucking douchebags to try to benefit by foisting spam across the 'net. The amount of wasted time, energy, and karma is simply mindboggling.

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