(re)exploring secondlife

It's been awhile since I logged into SecondLife. I updated my app and fired it up today, after talking with Patti about possibly holding a TLC session in SecondLife to help expose faculty to the concept. I don't want to be championing it, but many faculty are curious, and a guided tour might be helpful. I decided my previous avatars - a Cylon Centurion and a Dark Wraith - were maybe a bit far from what I need to look like when talking with faculty. So I updated my avatar to something I can relate to.


I can't seem to get the clothes to be a bit looser, so it's a good thing I'm in such awesome shape.

I'll be gathering location landmarks to build a tool of some interesting (and not interesting) things in SecondLife. So far, I want to start with the NOAA island, the NASA museum, and a handful of other places. Any recommendations?

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