Second Life

I just did a very dangerous thing. I downloaded the latest version of Second Life - one of those immersive massively multiplayer doowackies that I never really got into. I just threw an hour away twiddling bits to make my Second Life character kinda sorta look like me, then starting to wander around Tutorial Island. The environment is really quite cool, and I had a lot of "hey, this would be cool for a blended learning thing..." moments.

Here's what my character looks like now:
Second Life

There appear to be some rendering artifacts - in close-up view, my character has hair (but not much more than I do) and his pockets don't contain inter-dimensional rifts. Apparently, my video card isn't quite up to snuff...

If you sign up for a Second Life account (your first "Basic" account - what I got - is free), drop my name "Darcy Malaprop" and my character will get a few fake shekels for the referral.

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