2014 Week 46 In Review

The work-log format wasn't working, and was missing huge chunks of stuff through the week. So, being more fully inspired by Audrey Watters' and Clint Lalonde's week-in-review styles…


  • started placing orders for items to add to the fledgeling "technology lending library" that will be managed/provided by my group in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. So far, it's a very small library, but I'll be adding things to it as I'm able, and offering it all out for instructors to explore/experiment/use. So far, we've got a Swivl robot camera mount, a couple of iPod Touches for recording video, a GoPro HERO4 Silver for HD video and wifi goodness, and some microphones. I'll be adding iPads and a MS Surface Pro 3 tablet in the next couple of weeks. More to come… I need to figure out a good process for making sure people can sign the stuff out and actually use it, and track what they do with it so we know what's needed…
  • tweaking our D2L environment so faculties can ramp up their use of ePortfolios, now that email addresses aren't considered Super Secret Private Information after the switch to O365 and everyone activating their @ucalgary.ca addresses.
  • I was volunteered to a new General Faculties Council subcommittee on learning spaces - the Campus and Facilities Development Subcommittee (CFDS). This should be a great group to be working with, and we're being asked to look at physical learning spaces across the university.
  • working on a regular report to our Teaching and Learning Committee on the state of learning technologies at the UofC, and tracking our implementation of the Strategic Framework for Learning Technologies. I'll miss the TLC meeting next week because I'll be dodging bulletsattending Open Education in DC.




  • got a Nest thermostat. choked down my distaste for the all-seeing eye of Google. It's very shiny. The Nest, not the Eye. Maybe also the Eye. But being able to better manage my home's furnace as we dove into the first Polar Vortex of 2014 was nice. It'll pay for itself in weeks at this pace…
  • picked up a Fitbit Flex. I'd tried an el cheapo iBody pedometer thing to see if I liked the personal analytics. Turns out, yeah. I do. Go figure. So I sprung for a decent device, and am really liking the Flex so far (like 2 days in).

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