The Case for Video Games

I’ve been working on my thesis proposal, preparing for candidacy this summer. This explains why I’ve been pretty much silent here on the blog, and why I’ve been trying to reduce my social media time1.

Much of my research will be on using the lens of video games as a way of describing classroom teaching - in fancy-talk, developing a model that adapts research methods developed for the formal analysis of video games to the description and analysis of teaching and classroom activities. I’ll be sharing much more about that over the next year as I get into data collection and writing the dissertation…

In the meantime, this is a really good video from Sarah Urist Green’s The Art Assignment - looking at video games from the perspective of an art historian:

  1. well, that, and the whole “2020 is a radioactive festering clusterfork that keeps snowballing and mutating and metastasizing and everything is on fire and nothing seems to matter” thing…) ↩︎

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