WOProject, Ant, and cross-platform cross-project builds

Just came across this entry by Jonathan Rentzsch that goes into the pros of using WOProject and Ant to build complex WebObjects projects.

Here are the summary bullet points:

  • Cross-project dependancies
  • Automated deployment
  • Speed
  • Open Source
  • Transparent project description
  • Cross-Platform

Sounds like it would be perfect for APOLLO, with its several frameworks and adaptors, needing to be built in a particular order, and deployed in particular places. I'll be investigating building an Ant project for the various bits of APOLLO, and seeing if it will co-exist with the existing XCode build process.

UPDATE: Hmm. Looks like WOProject/WOLips hasn't been updated to work with Eclipse 3.0 (which has been out since June 25). I may hold off a bit until WOLips works with the latest stable Eclipse release. According to the WOLips mailing list, they didn't think it would take more than a couple of days from the release of Eclipse 3.0 to release a version of WOLips that worked with it. I guess they hit some stumbling block somewhere along the road (or WWDC got in the way ;-) )

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