Buddylist.module and functional relationship mapping?

I'm wondering if there might be a way to visualize the buddylist relationships in a Drupal site. It would seem as though when a user adds a buddy to their list, that they are defining a working relationship between themself and the other person. This is likely more useful than an org. chart, as it's a real-world, practical, and explicit representation of a link between people.

So... Would it be possible to map the relationships that have been explicitly documented between users of a Drupal site? Kind of like "6 degrees of separation", but showing the actual interpersonal relationships of the community...

PS. No, I'm not planning on turning this into an "All Drupal, All The Time" blog. I'm just extremely interested in the weblogs.ucalgary.ca project, and the possibilities that Drupal may offer for that.


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