Slight theme tweakage

The tabs in the header of this site have been bugging me for months - just never enough to prompt me to do anything about it. For now, I've just moved them to the top of the banner, so they don't fight with the image description on the right side.

I've also added 8 more images to the banner image rotation. Several from the summer trip to Hawaii (including my new personal fave, from Hanauma Bay on Oahu), and a couple from around town. If you don't want to keep hitting Command+R to see them all, just view the image list.

If you only read the blog via RSS, then this won't affect you. Move along. These are not the banners you're looking for...

Of course, this means I'll get more emails from people asking me why I have pictures of other places in the blog banner. The pictures are for me - serving a similar purpose as iPhoto and Flickr - to help me remember places/events. Like having my own personal flashcards to help the memory. That's the major reason I do the blog in the first place...


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