Stanford podcasts via iTunes

via Josie Fraser at EdTechUK - This is one of the cooler things I've seen in a while. Stanford University is putting a bunch of audio content online, free, via the iTMS.

Stanford on iTunes will provide alumni—as well as the general public—with a new and versatile way of staying connected to the university through downloads of faculty lectures, campus events, performances, book readings, music recorded by Stanford students and even podcasts of Stanford football games. At launch, the service will contain close to 400 distinct audio programs, and the university will continue to add new content as it becomes available.

They've put up a page describing the effort, with a direct link to the Stanford section of the iTMS. I'm downloading a few things now (a session on Stress and Coping - ironically enough - and some live recordings of some concerts).

Very cool. Great to see a Big School "get it" that by sharing resources freely they are not shooting themselves in the foot. Every university should be doing this as part of their contribution back to the community.

ps. Yes, I know it's not really podcasting, but close enough. The spirit is the same, and they provide some handy hooks to download all content at once. So it's not fed to you via RSS. Whatever...

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