No TV in Canadian iTMS?

On the left, the "Genres" selector from the iTunes Music Store for the US. On the right, the same "Genres" selector for iTMS Canada.

iTMS Genres: USA StoreiTMS Genres: Canadian Store

There's no "TV" genre in the Canadian store. Searching for "Lost" doesn't turn up anything related to the TV series. What gives? Some crazy licensing scheme where the Canadian networks are able to block distribution of an American show - which they already rebroadcast on Canadian airwaves?

The Video/Movies/TV component of the new iTMS really has the potential to change how we access media - subscribing to a series rather than a bundled package of 50 crap channels to get the one you want. Perhaps the cable companies in Canada have the power to protect their silly tier-bundling scheme by blocking iTMS Canada Video Store?

Man, I hope that's not it... This is soooo close to being an industry-changing thing, but if it's just copying/pasting existing monopolies and their silly licensing schemes, it's not going to go nearly as far as it could have.

Jim Roepcke noticed this first.

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