FastMac ships to Canada, eh?

I was just chatting with Mike, from FastMac, about that iPod battery failure post I wrote up a while back, and the follow-up attempt to buy a new battery. Apparently, FastMac can ship to Canada for something like $10, express! Other guys charge more than the cost of the battery to ship it up here, but FastMac has a network of Canadian resellers or something, so it's much cheaper. They haven't updated the website with this info yet, so check back with them later to see what the official story is for shipping to Canada.

Full disclosure: Mike's sending me a battery and a couple of doodads to play around with. If I'd have known about their shipping rate being so cheap, I would have bought them myself. I'll do mini-reviews when they get here, and will blog the battery replacement process.

Update: less than 12 hours after DHL picked up the package from FastMac, it was sitting in the DHL facility here in Calgary! Now, to see how long it takes to make it across the city and through the campus mail system...

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