Read/Write Web presentation for Friday

I just put the almost-finishing touches on a presentation I'll be giving to folks in the Faculty of Education tomorrow. The topic? It's basically a tour of things like wikis, weblogs, RSS and podcasting, with a presentation at the beginning, some live demos, and some hands-on time. Essentially "The Read/Write Web 101"

I merged a couple of my other presentations (intro to weblogs and intro to wiki) and added some refinements. It's grown to 105 slides, which sounds scary, but there isn't a bullet point in the bunch, and most slides are only on the Big Screen to give a background while I talk about something. I'm guessing the presentation will run between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on audience participation. We've got a 3-hour slot, and would like to have as much "hands-on" time as possible.

I'll be trying to record the audio of the presentation (using my iPod and Belkin microphone), and will try to create an online version. During the session, I'll be demonstrating wiki page editing, blog posting, and podcast recording/publishing/subscribing - so there may be some noise in my RSS feeds on Friday morning.

I've got whatever killer chest cold that's going around the city, and feel like death, so I'm not sure if I'll be in top form. But I'll give it a shot, regardless...

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