Read/Write Web presentation (slides and more)

I was able to put together a version of the presentation as an "enhanced podcast" using a borrowed copy of Garage Band '06. It worked very well for the task, with one glaring issue - apparently GB can't handle audio longer than 65 minutes, so the last couple of minutes of the presentation audio is truncated. No big loss, as it's mostly just wrapup (and there is an 11-minute section of awesome Q and A around the 30 minute mark - at the "Wiki Discussion" chapter).

Here's the Enhanced Podcast version, as well as an interactive Flash version (maybe that will work well if your mp3 player is playing the full audio at the same time), a .pdf version, and a .zip of all slide images (but that loses the build effects used in the Flash version). Also, the source Keynote file is available.

The whole shooting match is released under a Creative Commons license (attribution, non-commercial, share-alike), so have at'er if you have the Mad Skillz to produce a better version (or make the audio suck less), or want to remix it into something else.

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