ETSTalk Episode 16

I just got off the line with Cole, Alan and Brad - the ETS edtech crüe at PSU, where we recorded an episode of ETSTalk. I babbled for a bit about what I do here (and it was likely as clear to them as to me :-) ), then we talked a bit about innovations and the need to build concrete stepping stones to help people grok new stuff. I mentioned some of the projects I’m working on with faculty and off-campus folks, and we talked about reasons behind blogging (with me narcissistically remembering the story of how I started blogging, because of course everyone is so interested in that. rivetting stuff…)

It was fun talking with the ETS folk, learning how to properly pronounce prah-ject (rather than proh-ject). ‘Mercans talk funny, eh? 

Cole recorded the session in his office at PSU, in the usual surround sound stereophonic way, and I dialled in via iChat videoconference. He recorded the whole thing using GarageBand, and the “auto ducking” feature seems to have worked perfectly (haven’t heard the finished audio yet - I’m guessing the audio turned out OK.)

Anyway, the recording process was pretty flawless. Cole just fired up GarageBand, invited me to a conference in iChat, and Everything Just Worked. I used a headset to prevent recursive feedback, but they didn’t have to do anything different on their side. Very cool. I’ll have to try that more…

ETSTalk #16

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