Intro to Podcasting Session

I checked the registration for the session tomorrow - it's up to 50 people. We'll have to open the extra wings in the Big Room, but there will be lots of room for all.

I just tested the visualizer to make sure it showed my old 3G iPod clearly, and it looked like a Stevenote circa 2004 - I should pick up a black angora turtleneck. :-) Should be fun. I've grabbed a copy of the Creative Commons Senate Content Pack, and have a bunch of mixed podcasts preloaded for demonstration.

We'll be followinng Levine's Law, starting with a quick demo in iTunes to show the various podcasts out there. Then, to Audacity (if I can convince it to recognize the USB microphone) to create a quick and dirty recording and then publish it to either my blog or (or both) to make a podcast. Then, back to iTunes to show it pull the file down, and then to the iPod on the visualizer to show the full round trip.

That part really shouldn't take very long, so I'm hoping to leave a good portion of the session for a discussion of WHAT and WHY to podcast. And, perhaps more importantly, what NOT to podcast. Perhaps some brainstorming of how it might work on campus, and what kinds of activities would be appropriate. Should be fun. I'll try recording the session - if that works out, I'll share it with the rest of the class.

BI 587

Photograph and QTVR by King Chung Huang of the Teaching & Learning Centre, The University of Calgary.

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