Rachel Braun

Taylor Institute Research Associate Program Lead

As Program Lead of the TI Research Assistant Program, Rachel facilitates the design, execution, and assessment of all activities related to providing students employed at the TI ongoing mentoring, evidence-based resources, and community-building initiatives that empower them as future educators, scholars, and professionals. In collaboration with TI staff, Rachel ensures that RAs can identify the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities related to their role, and can translate them to their diverse goals both within and beyond the academe. Rachel also actively supports EDU projects that connect graduate student academic, teaching, and professional development with SoTL research.

Rachel’s educational and professional background includes a Bachelor of Arts in German Language and European History, a year as a foreign language teaching assistant in Germany, a year as team lead for the Peer Roamers program at the Taylor Family Digital Library, and various peer mentoring and teaching assistant roles throughout the Faculty of Arts. She is currently completing her Master of Arts in the Department of Classics and Religion, where her research interests are how people face difficult pasts, and theory and method in religious studies.

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